The Prisoner returns (kinda)

by alphamonkey on July 27, 2009 · 1 comment

in Television

CinemaFrance has posted the 9 minute Comic-Con promo for the upcoming Prisoner remake from AMC starring Jim Caviezel as Number 6 and Ian McKellan as Number 2. While normally I’d just resort to making Jesus vs. Magneto jokes, I must admit that I’m willing to reserve my judgement on this one.

I’m with Cap’n – The original series was indeed one of the finest series ever produced for television. So while I might shake my head at US-centric nature of the remake (not to mention the lack of involvement from Patrick McGoohan), I’m heartened by the fact that AMC has been producing some good work as of late, and the fact that this has only 6 episodes to really suck. But honestly? I’m hoping it doesn’t.

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  • spun00

    It is important to note McGoohan chose not to be involved with any remake, not just this specific one. Here is his obit from Janurary 2009 mentioning the fact that after the original series he felt “He had already done it”, and was not interested in any remakes.

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