And for those who still have some light left in their life….

by alphamonkey on July 17, 2009 · 11 comments

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You can consider it extinguished:

That’s…that’s not a parody song. Everyone involved was earnestly and deliberately doing all those things in a wholly un-ironic manner.

It’s official: I hate youth culture.

Once again, blame can be placed squarely on Dustin.

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  • .alphamonkey.

    Quoteth Wikipedia:

    Metal Edge Magazine has called brokeNCYDE “fucking horrendous”.[10] Thrash Magazine has called them “a mockery to the world of music”.[11] Another metal magazine, Decibel, has repeatedly made fun of the band, mentioning them in a interview with the group Big Business, and once ironically referring to then as their “favorite screamo-crunk band”. British commentator Warren Ellis calls brokeNCYDE’s “Freaxxx” music video “a near-perfect snapshot of everything that’s shit about this point in the culture”.[12] Says August Brown of the Los Angeles Times, “The ‘Albucrazy’-based band has done for MySpace emo what some think Soulja Boy did for hip-hop: turn their career into a kind of macro-performance art that exists so far beyond the tropes of irony and sincerity that to ask ‘are they kidding?’ is like trying to peel an onion to get to a perceived central core that, in the end, does not exist and renders all attempts to reassemble the pieces futile.”[13]

  • Just Plain Bob

    there has to be SOMETHING slightly tongue-in-cheek about this.. right? i mean.. the pig. they have a guy in a pig suit.
    that has to mean they aren’t taking themselves seriously.

    …Right, guys?


  • Cap’n Carrot

    Wow, that’s poetry…
    “Let’s get freaky now, let’s get fucking freaky now.”
    …like Michael Bay is cinema.

  • Starr

    Honestly… I feel sick to my stomach now.
    And I didnt even make it to the end.

  • Haus

    I was about to give up when I read Bob’s comment about the pig suit, so I stuck around for that. But I have to admit I’m watching it without the volume turned on.


  • BusyMM

    I love how they kept losing motivation thruout the video. The dancers/singers kept slowing down and stoping what they were doing. Almost as if the making of the video was sucking their will to live.

  • .alphamonkey.

    I’m relatively certain that the making of this video not only sucked the life out of all those extras, but indeed the entire neighborhood it was filmed in.

    Speaking of – did anyone else think that that was one hell of a suburban setting for this kind of thing? I kept waiting for some just-home-from-work banker to come out and yell at the kids for playing in the street.

  • Andrew DeGolyer

    I wonder what a screamo scream sounds like through an autotuner…

  • Just Plain Bob

    I was noticing the suburbia too, alpha. i kept picturing some poor guy trying to mow his lawn and getting sonically assaulted.

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