Auto-Tune the News!

by alphamonkey on July 29, 2009 · 3 comments

in Music Videos,Short Film

The Gregory Brothers have hit upon the next wave in news media delivery – auto tune! You know, that silly vocal effect* those kids today love so much! In this episode, it’s a love-letter to Sotomayor and a sweet break with Joe-Joe Biden.

I have to admit – This format makes Joe Scarborough slightly less innane, and that along should warrant these boys getting some kudos.

*Does anyone else find it amusing that the most ubiquitous (and let’s face it, annoying) trend in popular music was trail-blazed by Cher back in 1998?

A big thanks to our good friend Heretique for this find.

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  • SceneStealerEric

    The gorilla cries. I cry because this video shows how easy it is to make a “hook” with that godawful annoying program!

  • Matthew

    The Katie Couric part reminds me of “Still Alive” at the end of Portal.

    Also, this video reminded me of my all time favourite news conference remix:

  • Andrew DeGolyer

    I love Katie Couric’s hook: “Health, Grean, and Lead Free!” Pop music is too easy now…

    Also, they used a Cheese Grater and a Spatula as a Cow Bell. Very nice prop work.

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