Comic Rack – GL, Spidey, & the real Guardians of the Galaxy

by alphamonkey on July 23, 2009 · 0 comments

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green lantern 44

Green Lantern #44 – Okay, a Hal Jordan/Barry Allen team-up story is something I’m always going to say yes to. Given that, and the fact this issue does show us just how dangerous a dead zombie Martian with his own magical wish ring can be, what we’re given here is a bit underwhelming. Blackest Night has begun but the entire reason behind it still seems ill-conceived, and all the different colored pieces aren’t quite fitting together. So far it hasn’t lived up to the hype. As a big GL fan I’m hoping things pick up, but I’m also half-expecting Rainbow Brite to show up at any moment.

spiderman 600

Amazing Spider-Man #600 – Doctor Octupus makes uses New York City as a weapon, Aunt May tries to get married, the Human Torch cracks some jokes, Daredevil offers some words of wisdom, the return of Pete’s former lady love, and the Spidey Ladies Auxilury (The Avengers) show-up to lend a hand, what else could you want in a 104-page issue. Add to that the return of the Spider-Mobile in one of the short bonus tales, and even with the cover price of $4.99 it’s still worth it. I’d tell you to go buy this, but c’mon, you’ve already done that, haven’t you?

guardians of the galaxy 16

Guardians of the Galaxy – Oh yeah. The original Guardians of the Galaxy, all of ’em! SWEET! This is the only War of Kings tie-in book I’m reading, but it’s been pretty easy to follow the jest of things. Big bad time/space error needs to be stopped, and who better to save the day? The cover alone makes this one worthy of picking up for fans of the old team, but I’m a little sad with the end as I want more of Starhawk and would like to see a couple of the other old Guardians stick around. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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