The Book of (Hipster) Job

by alphamonkey on July 29, 2009 · 1 comment

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Ah, Job. Is there any story more timeless than the original Trading Places? Apparently not, as this hipster update on the bible’s favorite sad sack goes to show:

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  • Roddy

    exceptionally cool– I myself did an Adam & Eve hipster version set to rhyme two years ago, just text and w/o live people,,I knew it was good because animist hipster artists whom I work with were turned off by it and openly wondered why I sold out to the Oppressors of the Ancient Book of sexism and hate? That made my day..actually made all my days

    nice work folks, especially effective was the character lip snyc to the narration track– that was extra work, but it really made them fit close…and it was super subtle contact– whoever stumbled upon that effect or made it up– bravo..

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