Tron Legacy

by alphamonkey on July 25, 2009 · 1 comment

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Watch this right now. Do not stop, do not pass go. Just click and watch.

Tron Legacy Teaser

Yup, it’s basically the cleaned up version of the teaser shown at last year’s Comic-Con, but holy crap… I’m in nerdvana over this one, kids. I do so love me some Tron, and this teaser pretty much captures every thing I’d want in a sequel/revisit. Cap’n posted Light Cycle footage yesterday (and I’m already mentally clearing the space on my bookshelf for that little orgasm of design), so now all I need is a light disc. I am deeply relieved that the title has evolved from the almost insultingly bad TR2N to Tron: Legacy, but I am a little sad that this one will probably feature far less Cindy Morgan than I’d like.

Let me illustrate a point: To this day, Discs of Tron is one of my favorite arcade games of all time. I’m fully aware at how ridiculous (and in some cases flat-out terrible) the original Tron film really is, but it’s one of those films that has just carved out a permanent cool slot in my brain. The design, the score, the entire concept… It’s one of those films that I can gleefully watch at any time. Hell, beyond the washed out look of the human faces, the graphics still look pretty effin’ amazing.

So yeah, this is one revisit I can get behind.

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    Looking GOOD!

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