According to Google, Twitter is…

by alphamonkey on August 11, 2009 · 5 comments

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google says twitter

Just type “twitter is” into Google and see for yourself. Thanks to our pal MillerLite for the heads-up!

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  • Haus

    Ok I had a minor tirade about this which I deleted because Transbuddha, as the long-time 3rd item on my Awesome Bar, is no place for a tirade from the likes of me. I’ll simply say that as funny as that is (they did it to Facebook too), I think they are going down a slippery slope in terms of how far they might actually go to using their near-monopoly on Internet search for something that could be approaching the definition of “evil”. (In contrast to Google’s motto.)

    Just as an example, if a company tried to compete with Youtube, the same Google employee who thinks twitter is a waste of time might decide that the new pagerank for any company linking to the YouTube competitor should be zero.

  • .alphamonkey.

    Oh, Haus… Transbuddha is the place for tirades from everyone! And believe you me, we’ve run the gamut from awesome tirades to nonsensical crazy-talk that would embarrass a hobo. It’s a pretty big (and awesome) umbrella.

    That said, you make a point that does get overlooked in cases like this. Google’s ability to frame debate (humorous or not) is an incredibly powerful force, and while I’ll roundly agree with the rank-monkey responsible for this Twitter result set, I’m only somewhat comforted by Google’s longstanding (if unevenly adhered to) “Don’t Be Evil” policy.

  • Haus

    :) Cool…

    Now I’ll go get in my daily round of Bubble Shooter before starting the day!

  • FestusMA

    Could we have an entry listing the top 10 tirades of all time on the Transbuddha? (FYI: I went on a tirade about there not being enough alphamonkey on here a while back and it kind of backhanded Cap’n Carrot. I hereby eat my hat on that. I’m now a CC fan… keep up the good fight, guys!

  • Mr. Sparkle

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