Comic Rack – Batgirl, Avengers, Flash, Deadpool, & Batman

by alphamonkey on August 28, 2009 · 1 comment

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No Comic Rack last week so we’ve got two weeks to cover. Let’s get started…

batgirl 1

Batgirl #1 – Disappointment. Stephanie Brown is the new Batgirl. Really DC? You couldn’t find any character more bland to throw into the costume? Unless there’s going to be some kind of Bart Allen swerve (and it better come quick!) this is a really bad idea. Misfit, Squire, Barbara Gordon – all wasting away on the shelf. And you choose the one character already in costume with a defined role? Sigh.

dark avengers 8

Dark Avengers #8 – Worth a look. Scott Summers finally puts his plan into action and Norman Osborne comes close to bursting a blood vessel. Sadly the issue ends just as things were getting interesting, but the big big showdown it sets up should be something.

flash rebirth 4

Flash: Rebirth #4 (of 6) – Um, what? Okay so there’s two Speed Forces. One is good and one is evil. And, um, the Reverse Flash is like a Sith Lord, or something? I’m so lost. The issue does have a nice splash page, and insane as the storyline has gotten it writes Barry Allen back into the heart of wherever the Flash books go next. Now if only someone could explain the “bad” speed force to me, please?

deadpool 14

Deadpool #14 – Worth a look. Deadpool the pirate in a life raft with Bob dressed up as a parrot, a blind woman, and a mannequin. Okay, if that’s not enough to get you to pick this issue up I don’t know what to say. And wait until he gets his pirate ship back and things really start going BOOM! Oh, did I mention the baddie is a pirate named Whackbeard? Heh.

daredevil 500

Daredevil #500 – Must-read. For a big extra-sized issue with plenty of hype, this one sure delivers. Aside from the big swerve it takes which should hold ramifactions for Matt Murdock and all his friends and enemies for many issues to come, there are plenty of nice small moments here which should be savored. Although I thought the Pin-Up Gallery was nice (though nothing great) I was disappointed in the back-up Bullesye story which didn’t seem to belong. Perhaps something more to do with The Hand, or Daredevil’s past with the Kingpin would have been a better choice.

batman gyre 1

Batman: The Widening Gyre #1 (of 6) – Worth a look. The new mini-series from Kevin Smith gives us back Bruce Wayne as Batman, at least for a few issues. All in all a bit of a mixed bag involving a new player in Gotham, Posion Ivy taking over Arkham, an appearance by Etrigan, and Bruce and Dick dealing with the ridiculous Baron Blitzkrieg. Smith’s trademark tone works well in the the Bruce/Dick interactions but seems a little out of place in Batman’s private thoughts. He also plays to Ivy’s sexuality to good effect but cameos by Joker and Two-Face aren’t nearly as strong. Even being not that big a fan of Etrigan there’s enough here to warrant a look, but it’s not a must-read.

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