Comic Rack – Batman, Adventure, & Booster Gold

by alphamonkey on August 13, 2009 · 0 comments

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All DC this week (with a double serving of Batman)…

batman 689

Batman #689 – As Two-Face’s henchman notes, in this issue Batman is smiling a lot. I must admit, in reading it so was I. From Dick’s joy in the role to Two-Face’s obsessed glee in discovering the truth about his old adversary, it’s just fun! Judd Winick has managed to find a nice mix of Batman and the fun of a good Spidey story and mix them together into a comic I’m looking forward to every month. And that’s quite a step-up from Grant Morrison‘s coma-inducing Black Glove storyline. This story arc is also making me hope they keep Bruce Wayne away for an extended period of time. At least for now, the cowl’s in good hands.

adventure comics 1

Adventure Comics #1 – A boy and his dog. I wasn’t thrilled with the decision to bring Connor Kent back to life. It’s not that I dislike the character. I have very little interest in him, dead or alive. And since he was dead I was all for him staying that way. It seems DC’s new relaunch of Adventure Comics is going to try and bring in the Smallville crowd. I’m not sure that’s a good thing, but I’ll hang around a little while to see how Geoff Johns (how many titles is he doing now?) works Superboy back into the DCU.

batman darkest night

Batman: Blackest Night #1 (of 3) – Not as strong as Batman, but there’s a nice conversation between Dick and Damian about life and death. Oh, and we get zombie parents rising from the graves… Yah? I’m sorry DC, but there’s not much to Blackest Night that is working for me. I couldn’t even bring myself to review Blackest Night #2 (oh, it’s baaaad). Flip through this one if you like, but it’s not a must have.

booster gold 23

Booster Gold #23 – If the Blair Butler cover isn’t enough for you the panel to the right (larger image here) should be more the cherry on top to entice you to pick this one up. Even the fact that the plot is basically a Raven (meh) and Trigon (not one of my favorite characters) story isn’t enough to ruin it for me. Pick it up.

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