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cry for justice 2

Justice League: Cry for Justice #2 – The good news: It’s a fair bit better than the first issue and actually has funny moments (it’s not every comic that gives you a Charles Bukowski joke). It also helps that more of the characters are seen including Captain Marvel (or whatever they’re calling Freddy Freeman now), Ray Palmer, and even Supergirl. The bad news: The writing is still a bit clunky at times, we get another “justice” moment (James Robinson, you are now barred from using that word for the rest of the series!), the scene between Mikaal Tomas and Congorilla isn’t as good as the rest of the book, and (most unacceptable of all) the scene described above doesn’t take place in a flashback. For shame.

btvs 27

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 #27 – Fans of Oz can enjoy parts of this issue which gives us glimpses of his life training to control the wolf by, um, becoming a river. Yeah… Not the best issue of Season 8 I’ve read. Sure we get the look back to fill in Oz’s history, but there’s so little here to move the current story forward you could easily skip it, pick up the next issue, and not miss a beat.

secret six 12

Secret Six #12 – The Secret Six vs. Wonder Woman. It goes better than you think for the motley crew, mostly for the discovery that a banshee can take down an Amazon when she wants to. Not a great issue, and far too little Catman for my tastes, but the women kick some serious ass and it does lay some groundwork for a future throwdown between the two splintered factions of the group. Not a must-have on its own, but as a piece of “The Depths” storyline its probably worth picking up.

captain america reborn 2

Captain America Reborn #2 – I had mixed reactions to the first issue, but #2 does a much better job and setting up the situation and explaining the rules of the game. Steve Rogers is lost in time, and although he seems to have some control over his actions there are also limitations to what he can, or should, accomplish. The flashbacks work better than the present scenes which still are playing things a little too close to the vest, both with Osborne’s plans and Reed Richards’ test results. Once again this issue isn’t a must-read, but it does a better job building the story arc and getting me on board and looking forward to what Ed Brubaker is leading up to.

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