Dear Internet,

by alphamonkey on August 20, 2009 · 6 comments

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internetYou suck.

Seriously. Being as the Cap’n & I both work in Social Media Monitoring, I can speak with the grizzled voice of a man who has known your tube-y embrace for far longer than should be considered sane. I am now of the opinion that 85% of your content is generated by people whose keyboards should set them on fire when ever they foolishly hit ‘post’.

So, yeah. You suck, Internet.


We’ll now return to less hateful posting.

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  • Haus

    That’s why we come here, folks. Keep up the good work! (and…really, just 85%?)

  • Chris

    Where is much light there are many shadows too. Internet has its problems but I can’t imagine a world without.

  • Matthew

    If I might ask, what prompted this post?

    Was it, oh, say, any comment on a Youtube video? Preferably one about Barack Obama?

  • .alphamonkey.

    Let’s just say that I’ve clocked a good 60 hours of internet reading this week, and my sanity levels just choked.

  • Bob


  • MavMurdoc

    What more to you expect from a series of tubes? It’s not a big truck!

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