Five things I learned from watching snippets of Avatar

by alphamonkey on August 21, 2009 · 0 comments

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So I spent about 20-minutes in a theater seeing a handful of scenes taken from the first-half of James Cameron’s upcoming flick Avatar. Below are a few of my thoughts.

avatar preview

1. If possible, you definitely want to see the film in IMAX 3-D.
2. Visually the film is stunning, and the action sequences (at least the ones shown here) really pull the audience in.
3. I’m a little concerned with the level of dialogue which seemed aimed at young tweens or somewhat older, dimwitted, children.
4. I’m not the only one in the audience who got a Dances with Wolves vibe from the suggested love story angle.
5. This makes me feel much better, and definately more interested, in the film than the recently released trailer (which you can see here).

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