Journey Escape

by alphamonkey on August 26, 2009 · 0 comments

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This comes from our pal Eric from Scene-Stealers, who admits to playing Journey Escape back on the old Atari 2600.

“You’re on the road with Journey, one of the world’s hottest rock groups. A spectacular performance has just ended. Now it’s up to you to guide each Journey Band Member past hordes of Love-Crazed Groupies, Sneaky Photographers, and Shifty-Eyed Promoters to the safety of the Journey Escape Vehicle in time to make the next concert. Your mighty manager and loyal roadies are there to help, but the escape is up to you!”

I have several questions about the game. Topping the the list (or #2 right after Who would play this?) would be this: Why did the band’s manger look like the Kool-Aid Man? The magic of Atari!

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