Remakes I'd be okay with – Street Hawk

by alphamonkey on August 11, 2009 · 1 comment

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Over the past few years Hollywood has had a real hardon for making average TV shows into films, but for some reason the gloriousness of Street Hawk hasn’t been tabbed for a new millennium makeover.

For those born too late to see the show in it’s original glory when it aired back in 1985, Street Hawk was like Knight Rider, except with a bike (and with no Bonnie Barstow).

For five months former cop, and amateur dirt bike racer, Jesse Mach (Rex Smith) worked for the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration by riding a suped-up computerized Honda XR500 for justice!

Somebody get Rob Cohen and Paul Walker on the phone, stat! It’s not like they’ve got anything better to do.

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  • andrew bell

    I was there and saw the original when I was younger have still been a fan of the old series and still am a fan of AIRWOLF to say that there is going to be a film of the original streethawk never no one would have the capital for making such a movie I have inquired about airwolf but all I got was blank faces

    ILL believe it when I see it

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