Shakira – She Wolf

by alphamonkey on August 5, 2009 · 3 comments

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Yeah, you read that right: SHAKIRA. I’m the first to admit that she’s an unlikely artist choice for ‘Buddha, but seeing as she’s gone all electropop for her latest single (and upcoming album, for that matter), She Wolf, I’m willing to admit to give it a go. And I’ll admit it’s a damn catchy tune. Oddly enough I far prefer the Spanish language version*, but for some asinine reason Shakira is yet another artist who has decided that allowing your clips to be embedded is tantamount to letting you rifle through her wallet**.

The song is earworm-y enough to warrant some love, but what really earns the post is the choreography, which rather beautifully showcases Shakira’s considerable dance ability.

Watch Shakira - She Wolf

*I don’t have a good explanation for it beyond the fact that for some reason her voice really bugs me when she sings in English, but I’m okay with it when she sings in Spanish. Weird, I know.

**As you can see from the ‘buddha hosted version, I’m totally down with rifling through her wallet. No, that’s not innuendo, you dirty dirty person you.

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  • ~K

    While I was impressed by her dancing and body control, I was rather disappointed by the fact that she did not turn into teenwolf at the end.

  • MavMurdoc

    Here is a timeline of me watching this video:

    0:00 WTF… Shakira on ‘Buddha? I’m going to enjoy bashing this one

    0:10 Alright… Shakira is hot, but I can already tell the song sucks

    0:37 *I start to unconsciously bob my head to the music*

    0:42 *Realizing I’m bobbing my head, I slap myself in the face*

    1:13 *Foot starts to tap, and I slap myself once again in the face*

    2:02 *Give up on my self control, and start “chair dancing”*

    4:00 *The song is over, realize I enjoyed it, and immediately check to see if my testicles are still intact*

  • .alphamonkey.

    Yeah, my experience was very, very similar.

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