Thursday Top Ten G.I. Joe Toys

by alphamonkey on August 6, 2009 · 0 comments

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I have many fond memories of G.I Joe. Although I can’t quite side with alphamonkey that the Joe’s beat out Star Wars in the toy department, I’ll admit I owned my share of both (including eight of the toys on this list). It was harder than I anticipated whittling the list down to ten, so don’t feel too bad if your favorite didn’t make the cut.

Caution: Reading this list may encourage you to spend boatloads of cash on e-bay. We are not responsible for these actions. However, if you do decide to buy some of these we expect to be invited to play with inspect the quality of each item purchased.

gijoe logo

Some qualifications before we begin. Toys trademarked G.I. Joe have been on shelves for generations. For sake of space and simplicity this list only deals with the brand 1982 series and onward, focusing primarily on the toys of my childhood. And, despite the inherent coolness of many specific figures (Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes come to mind), rather than try to juggle both the list will only focus only vehicles and sets.

10. Amphibious Personnel Carrier
gijoe apc

9. Dragonfly Assault Helicopter
gijoe dragonfly

8. Wolverine Missile Tank*
gijoe wolverine tank

7. H.I.S.S. [HIgh Speed Sentry] Tank
gijoe hiss tank

6. Snowcat**
gijoe snowcat

5. Nightraven
gijoe night raven

4. Hovercraft Killer W.H.A.L.E. [Warrior: Hovering Assault Launch Envoy]
gijoe whale

3. Skystriker
gijoe toy skystriker

2. Rattler
gijoe rattler

1. U.S.S. Flagg***
gijoe uss flag

*Earns bonus points for including Cover Girl.
**How did someone like Snow Job rate something this cool?
***The ultimate toy. Yes, that’s a full-sized Skystriker on the runway. I’m still emotionally scarred by my mother’s refusal to buy me this $109.99, 38lb, 7’6″ box of awesome.

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