Top 10 Tuesday – Movies Better Than the Book

by Eric Melin on August 11, 2009 · 1 comment

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nicholson cuckooEverybody knows that the general rule about adaptations is that the movie can never be as good as the book. A novel can go down several paths that movies simply doesn’t have the time for. Screenplays need to be very tight, whereas books can be expansive and wordy. But some book’s themes can better honed by a film. Sometimes visual expression can say things in a less obvious way than the author’s voice.

Indie filmmaker Trey Hock scoured his memory (and read a few new books) to come up with a list of 10 movies that were as good as or better than their source. Read his list of Top 10 Movies as Good or Better Than Books They’re Based On now, and begin the arguments! If you have a list you’d like to ciontribute, email me at

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  • Alan

    The entire Harry Potter series. For a start, in the films you do not get the entire back story with every installment, they got darker and more mature with each episode and Hemione Granger got way hotter than I dared imagine in a “childrens” book.

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