Comic Rack – Moon Knight, Sonja, Batman, & Daredevil

by alphamonkey on September 17, 2009 · 2 comments

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vengeance of the moon knight 1

Vengeance of the Moon Knight # 1 – Must-read. He’s ba-aack! Marc Spector returns to NYC from hiding in Mexico in a big way, and this time, believe it or not, he’s not blowing away everyone who gets in his way. Moon Knight: hero. Okay, you’ve got my attention. David Finch, who returns to write Moon Knight again, has a nice feel for the character, and I also really dig the art by Gregg Hurwitz. Available in multiple variant covers, this one you should pick up (even with it’s $4 price tag).

red sonja 48

Red Sonja #48 – For fans. If you’ve ever idly wondered who would win a fight between a ninja and a werewolf, this issue gruesomely answers that question. In fact this issue gives us an army of ninja verses an army of white werewolves, though the larger battle goes better for Sonja’s side than this first attack. This issue also brings us one-step closer to next month’s conclusion of writer Brian Reed‘s run. Fans of the character should give it a look, but there’s little here to bring in other readers, aside from, you know, ninjas and werewolves.

batman and robin 4

Batman and Robin #4 – Worth a look. There’s a new super-duo in town. “The Revenge of The Red Hood” is equal parts good and bad. I liked Jason Todd’s as the last version of the character, but I’ve got mixed feelings on the look of the new Red Hood. I’m also pretty damn abivelant about the Hood’s sidekick Scarlet. Still, the introduction of the character (who presumably is Jason Todd, who may, or may not also be the new Black Mask) raises many interesting possibilities. Now, if Grant Morrison could just get Phillip Tan to make his costume a little less dorky, I might be able to take him seriously.

daredevil list 1

Dark Reign: The List – Daredevil # 1 – Worth a look. How about that, Bullseye make a rare valid point! First Norman Osborne takes control of S.H.I.E.L.D., and now Daredevil is the leader of The Hand? Well, at least you can’t say things are boring. Good issue here that foreshadows some serious darkness in the near future of Matt Murdock and more schemes from The Kingpin. How far will Daredevil go to even the score for the lives Osborne has ruined, especially now with the power and influence of The Hand under hsi control? And, I must admit, it was good seeing Bullseye back in his old costume again.

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  • Victor

    Huh. I’ve got an old Batman comic in which we see what Batman might have become had he not encountered bats on that fateful night when he needed to become “more than a man”. Moon Knight was one of those alternate characters. Is that where the idea for this guy came from?

  • Cap’n Carrot

    The Marvel character has actually be around since ’75 and is far more mystical than Batman. Todd McFarlane stole a little of the character to make Spawn. More here and here.

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