Glee – I Wanna Sex You Up

by alphamonkey on September 24, 2009 · 0 comments

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Since we’re still a few months out from my Doctor Who fix, the monkey family has transferred our televised obsession to the ridiculously fun “Glee“, which is far less High School Musical than Get It On shoved into the body of Freaks & Geeks. Sure the characters are a little thin, and the plot-lines couldn’t be telegraphed any harder, but the best 45 minutes of network television on a Wednesday perfectly captures the definition of the title.

It’s just FUN. From the comedy to the wonderfully clever musical choices, Glee provides just that. Here’s a clip from the 3rd episode, wherein our faithful Glee coach’s a capella group brings sexy back to a PTA meeting:

And that is probably the only time Color Me Badd will ever make me smile.

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