Comic Rack – Angel & Batman

by alphamonkey on October 23, 2009 · 0 comments

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Extra helpings of each, plus a little Marvel action too…

Angel Frankenstien

Angel vs. Frankenstein – For fans. For a comic written by John Byrne that includes Angelus throwing down with Frankenstein’s monster… okay, that sounds pretty cool. Sadly, the idea is better than the execution. This one-shot has a couple of nice moments but is really for Angel fans only. [IDW #3.99]

Batman 691

Batman #691 – Worth a look. The new Bats gets his ass handed to him soundly by Two-Face before Bat-Alfred shows up to save the day. (And thankfully Two-Face’s ridiculous costume is also hastily explained away). Overall an okay issue, but probably the weakest of this title since Dick Grayson downed the cowl. Still, it will be interesting to see where those final panels lead… [DC $2.99]

angel 26

Angel #26 – Worth a look. Everyone’s back from Hell, and there’s even a movie about what happened… is that Nicholas Cage as Angel? And Spike’s a chick? The rest of the issue isn’t as good as this intro, but for the first time in months I’m actually looking at the title again. That’s at least something, right? [IDW $3.99]

blackest night batman 3

Blackest Night: Batman #3 (of 3) – Meh. It’s Batman, Red Robin and… Etrigan (?) vs. the Flying Graysons and Tim Drake’s dad? C’mon! As mediocre as it is, it’s still better than most of the Blackest Night stories I’ve been reading. [DC $2.99]

dark avengers 10

Dark Avengers #10 – For fans. Hey look a Man-Thing sighting… oh, that was short. The rest of the issue is about missing people in Dinosaur, CO, and some really creepy scenes between Ms. Marvel and Bullseye. Ew. [Marvel $3.99]

deadpool merc with a mouth 4

Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth #4 – Meh. Did I mention dinosaurs? How about zombie dinosaurs? Sadly Merc is consistently inferior to the main Deadpool title (and by no small margin). And what’s up with the explosion of T&A art by Bong Dazo, you know – like this, this, or this, or this? What is this, a Red Sonja comic? [Marvel $2.99]

Streets of Gotham 5

Batman: Streets of Gotham #5 – For fans. Huntress and Man-Bat tussle across rooftops for most of this issue. Nothing all that special here, the real conflict takes place inside the heroine’s head as she fights with herself on how far to go to take down the monster. The B-story involves a Gotham priest whose faith has begun to waver. The two are neatly (a little too neatly) combined in the final panels, but do give some promise of a better issue next month. [DC $2.99]

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