Comic Rack – Deadpool, Sirens, Usagi, Die Hard & more

by alphamonkey on October 9, 2009 · 2 comments

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Some new, and a few we missed. It’s time for the comic rack boys and girls…

deadpool 16

Deadpool #16 – Must read. And the X-Men will never be the same. After being rebuffed Deadpool comes up with his own plan to earn a spot on the team which includes murder and mayhem, and some pancakes. Need I say it? Hilarity doth ensue. [Marvel $2.99]

gotham city sirens 4

Gotham City Sirens #4 – For McG & Batman: The Animated Series fans. There are more ass shots than Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. Are we sure McG didn’t direct this comic? Story wise, the plot plays out like a sexed-up version of the old Batman animated TV-show (which I love) as Harley’s relationship to the fake Bruce Wayne brings the Joker out for revenge. [DC $2.99]

usagi yojimbo 123

Usagi Yojimbo #123 – Worth a look. Vengeance is a dangerous thing. Usagi runs into old friends Masaki and Kenat who plan to kill Lord Hikiji, the man responsible for killing their lord Mifune. Nice little morality tale about revenge, plus animals hacking each other to pieces with samarai swords (what more could you want?). [Dark Horse $3.50]

daredevil 501

Daredevil #501 – Must read. Matt Murdock crosses another line as his quest for control of the Hand comes to a brutal conclusion. Aside from the obvious possibility of the scene (which there’s no way I’m going to reveal to you here) being a ploy, this is a big turning point for the character evolving into something new. It’s definitely worth picking up. Also available in a variant cover. [Marvel $2.99]

die hard year one 1

Die Hard: Year One #1 – For fans. The new mini-series from BOOM! Studios borrows DC’s “Year One” concept to take a look at young beat cop John McClane in his early days with the New York Police. This first issue includes interlocking stories involving a pair of cops, a young girl from Indiana, a greedy creep, an unhappy wealthy married couple, a hippie, and McClane himself, slowly coming together. Interesting idea, so-so execution, but fans of the franchise might want to pick it up. Also available in multiple variant covers. [BOOM! $3.99]

vengeance of moon knight 2

Vengeance of the Moon Knight #2 – Worth a look. It’s not as strong as the first issue, but there are some nice moments including a conversation with the Sentry which takes place all over the city, and this short conversation above. The Moon Knight’s continuing journey to be a hero is worth a look. Also available in a Zombie Variant Cover. [Marvel $2.99]

billy batson magic of shazam 8

Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam! #8 – Worth a look. Captain Marvel and Mary Marvel take on an improved Mr. Atom powered by the magic of Tawky Tawny. [DC $2.50]

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  • Dijnni

    I am so glad you mentioned this Deadpool series. I am really into them recently. The cover to #13 made me start picking them up. So much funny. I think I am in love with Wade. Haha.

  • mj

    Deadpool is one of the few consistently funny books out there. Paco Medina & co’s art is pretty damn fine too (a nice blend of overtly cartoony, but with great detail and colour).
    Dig it.

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