Comic Rack – Spidey, Guardians, & Green Lantern

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spidey clone wars 1

Spider-Man: The Clone Saga #1 (of 6) – For fans. Love it or hate it, the Clone Saga was one of the more memorable story arcs in Spider-Man’s history. The storyline returned the original Spidey clone (introduced way back in 1973) and fashioned him into a new hero, The Scarlet Spider, before running off the rails and playing eeny-meeny-miny-moe with who the real Spider-Man really was. Tom Defalco and Howard Mackie attempt to retell the Clone Saga as it should have been told in this self-contained six-issue mini-series. I’m not wild about the art by Taud Nauck, and the writing itself could certainly use some polish. However, they are going to give me some “new” Scarlet Spider adventures, so you can be sure I’m going to stick around.

guardians of the galaxy 18

Guardians of the Galaxy Butt Kickers of the Fantastic #18 – Worth a look. More crazy dimension shifting from the fallout of War of Kings in this issue. However we also get my favorite version of original guardian Starhawk in this issue and the humorous panel offering a possible new name for the current Guardians. Let me be the first to state I want two things from this series: 1) I want this Starhawk to hang around for a long time, and 2) if that’s not possible I want the comic rebranded as “Butt Kickers of the Fantastic.”

green lantern 46

Green Lantern #46 – For fans. More Blackest Night craziness, plus a throwdown between Sinestro and Mongul for control of the yellow ring corps. Nothing here that can’t be missed.

amazing spiderman 606

Amazing Spider-Man #606 & 607 – Worth a look. The Black Cat is back. Although Felicia Hardy is a bit of a hit-and-miss character I think adding her to the current confusion of Peter Parker’s life should provide some interesting moments. As to the early tale about Spidey humorously torturing a purse snatcher, it works on a comic level but skates a narrow line almost going too far, and the choice of baddie is less than exciting, but there’s still fun to be had here. I hope Ms. Hardy stays around awhile.

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