Comic Rack – The Scarlet Spider!!! (and some other stuff)

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spiderman clone saga 2

Spider-Man: The Clone Saga #2 (of 6) – Worth a look. There’s a definite improvement here from the first issue as retold events of the Clone Saga play out much more smoothly. Oh, and this issue has THE SCARLET SPIDER!!!!!!!!!!! (That sound you hear is me doing the dance of joy). I’m not sure I like where the last couple of panels lead with regards to the Jackal‘s plan, but overall I’m pretty happy. [Marvel $3.99]

thunderbolts 137

Thunderbolts #137 – Woth a look. Norman Osborne attempts to brainwash Iron Fist to kill the Avengers including his hetero-life-mate Luke Cage. And, lucky for Osborne, Iron Fist just shows up to let him screw with his mind. The logic of some of the events is questionable a best, and there’s too much condensed into a single issue. But the best bud storyline works well, as does the ending which involves the sabotage of Osborne’s hero program not by the Avengers, but by the Thunderbolts themselves. [Marvel $3.99]

green lantern 47

Green Lantern #47 – Meh. More Blackest Night foolishness pressures Hal Jordan into taking command of the team – and we all know how good things turnout when that happens. [DC $2.99]

mighty avengers 30

Mighty Avengers #30 – Hit and Miss. This is feels much more like an Avengers story of old, rather than the current post-Civil War stories which have become the norm. The good parts about the Avengers reuniting to save the world produce panels like the humorous one above. However the other half of the story is a big sloppy blowjob to Hank Pym including one of the most ridiculous comic panels I have ever seen. Ugh! [Marvel $2.99]

magic of shazam 9

Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam! #9 – For fans. The entire issue deals with Captain Marvel’s growing ego which trouble both Tawny and Mary. Some nice moments here, but not a must-read. [DC $2.50]

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