Family Guy SuperFriends Intro

by alphamonkey on October 6, 2009 · 2 comments

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It’s been awhile since I’ve watched a new episode of Family Guy. I’ll still watch an episode occasionally in syndication, but the first couple of seasons sitting on my DVD shelf do little more than collect dust. Much like The Simpsons the bloom has long ago fallen off the rose.

It’s also hard for me to consistently get behind a show whose leading creative voice is (as Urban Dictionary so succelently puts it): “An overly-self indulgent asshole.” However, from time to time, the show does tickle my funny bone such as this recreation of the SuperFriends intro which brought a smile to my face.

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  • huh?

    Are you kidding me? Although the first 2 seasons were “OK” the show really has shined with the 3 season and then forward. You sound like one of those who snags on to that cliche of so many seasons of other TV shows past.

  • Cap’n Carrot

    “You sound like one of those who snags on to that cliche of so many seasons of other TV shows past.”

    Not exactly sure what you mean by that. As to my issues with Family Guy:
    1) The set-up and “remember when” flashbacks, although funny, get a little old after awhile. It’s fun initially because the show’s set-up is different from everything else on TV. But after you’ve seen 100+ episodes those moments don’t have the same zing. Family Guy is the Jeff Foxworthy of animated sitcoms. Are “you know you’re a redneck…” jokes funny? Sometimes. Are they funny every week? Not really.
    2) The show’s humor is incredibly mean-spirited (something that has only increased with its popularity), and that began to wear on me after awhile.
    3) The show often doesn’t know when to end a joke. There are many instances when they will let a joke go waaaaay too long, not only beating it to death, but mutilating the joke’s corpse beyond any recognition.
    and 4) The more interviews I see of Seth MacFarlane, and commentaries from episodes I listen to on DVD, the less able I am to champion the show. The guy is just an enormous prick (or at least revels in presenting his public persona as one) and, whether it should or not, that fact negatively influences my opinion on the show. If I loved the show it probably wouldn’t be that much of a factor, but if I’m on the fence already…

    All that said, I’m not saying I dislike the show, but simply I’ve become a bit desensitized to it. I am less likely to watch an episode today than I was three years ago.

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