Planetary #27

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Planetary 27 capWe’ll get to the Comic Rack a little later, but for now we’re going to take a moment to bask in the joy that Planetary finally (FINALLY!) has completed it’s 27-issue run.

For those unfamiliar with the backstory, let me summarize it here. The first issue, written by Warren Ellis and drawn by John Cassady, hit stores more than ten years ago. The series, set in the Wildstorm Universe, introduced us all to the Archaeologists of the Impossible: the ass-kickin’ Jakita Wagner, the mysterious Elijah Snow, and the infuriating Drummer.

The series included alternate versions of well known characters from Green Lantern to Nick Fury as well as investigated a world where ghosts, alien technology, giant monsters, and even Sherlock Holmes, all existed.

The series examined the super hero genre and weaved everything from pulp fiction, to sci-fi, to Japanese monster movies, to 50’s horror films, and much more, into its tale. Ellis’ plan was to create a world populated by archetypes of these various sources and throw them all together into one world in which the Planetary team would live and investigate.

Originally planned as a 24-issue series, Planetary fought unforeseen delays including the serious illness of Ellis and various conflicts with commitments of both Ellis and Cassaday to other projects. The final issue hit stores this week after yet another long delay (issue #26 came out in 2005). It may not have been worth the wait, as if anything could, but it’s pretty damn good.

This final issue deals with time travel, alternate futures and dimensions, and the quest to save the life of former Planetary third man Ambrose Chase.

planetary 27

I’d recommend you definitely pick this issue up. Hell, I recommend you find the entire run and sit down and read it in one sitting. Yeah, I love this series (and yes I do own the action figures of the three main characters). If you’ve been waiting like teh ‘monkey and I have, or if you’ve never even heard of Planetary, find this issue, find this series, and give it a try.

And I’m hoping, now that the series is complete, that we won’t have to wait too long for a second Absolute Planetary Volume which I can place on my bookshelf next to the first. That would make me very happy.

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