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absolute justiceDC Comics Absolute line has a new title: Absolute Justice.

It begins with a dream. Written and drawn by Alex Ross (with the help of Jim Krueger, and art of Doug Braithwaite), Justice was a twelve-part maxi-series in which the villains of the DC Universe, based on a shared nightmare of the future, banded together with two purposes in mind: 1) Kill the heroes, and 2) Save the world from Armageddon.

Basically it’s Alex Ross’ version of Challenge of the Super Friends.

Part of the tale works well, and part, well, doesn’t. The super-villains come off a little too cohesive a group (especially one which includes psychopaths, ego-maniacs, and multiple members whose sole purpose is to rule the globe).

And although the idea of the group presenting themselves as saviors of mankind to the masses is an interesting one, I’m not sure given its altruistic nature its one Lex Luthor or Braniac could have sold to such a group (even with the help of magic brain worms – don’t ask).

The second plotline of the book involves the organized attempts to kill off or incapacitate the Justice League and kidnap their loved ones, and the League’s reorganization to fight back and save the world. Though less original than the first part at least this segment of the story moves a little smoother.

justice cap2

As a fan of Green Lantern, Flash, Batman, and Captain Marvel I’m happy that all get their time on center stage. In the end though, despite the beauty of Ross’ art, the story itself is cold. The entire enterprise is too preachy and drones on trying to give us the thoughts of a wide variety characters across the DCU (did the Metal Men really need to be included?). It’s pretty, sure, but remember that date you had with that hot girl who didn’t know when to shut-up. Yeah…

The $99.00 price gets you the hardcover oversized Absolute treatment with all the bells and whistles including color corrections and a small bit of additional content. This volume boasts a new cover by Ross and a sketchbook which includes previously unreleased art. The series has been released before in both hardcover and trade paperback. This version is pretty damn pricey, even with an Amazon discount, so unless you just have to have every Absolute volume or simply love Ross’ art you can probably pass on this one.

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