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Sometimes late night channel surfing can lead to something, well, like this… Bibleman is an Evangelical super-hero (I swear I’m not making this up) played by Charles in Charge‘s Willie Aames (Buddy FREAKING Lembeck!), who also wrote and directed episodes of the series. Although Aames gave up the role to other actors, we can, thankfully, still hold him responsible for Bibleman’s existence.

As far as I can tell Bibleman was a Born Again Christian (he found a bible in the rain, or something) and a cross between a religious scientist and super-hero (with his own super computer in his Bibleman cave – no, really, I’m not making this up) whose mission it was to help children find Jesus and defeat the evil of baddies such as Shadow of Doubt, Luxor Spawndroth, and Dr. Decepto, with the word of God (and a lightsaber!).

I’ve also got to admit to a weird curiosity as the show was originally shot locally (Aames lives in Olathe, KS) including the show’s “effects” which were done in Kansas City (and, by the looks of it, for around $20).

There’s even an official website where you can get your own DVD’s of the show, books, and even (really, I’m not making this up) Bibleman action figures!

The show is still in production and even tours around the country for live events such as DVD screenings, conferences, and special events.

Sweet Creamy Jesus!

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