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booster gold 26

Booster Gold #26 – Must-read. As his friend rises from the grave as a Black Lantern, Booster Gold relives the worst day of his life – the funeral of Ted Kord. The Blackest Night zombie stuff isn’t too interesting (we knew Blue Beetle would be among the walking dead, and Blackest Night has done little more than disappoint), but the more personal look back at Kord’s memorial is well done. [DC $3.99]

daredevil 502

Daredevil #502 – Worth a look. Okay that final panel is pretty good. Just think of the terror you’d feel looking up and seeing that coming after you. Good news, Daredevil seems to have definite plans for the Hand. Bad news, the death of Izo was staged (yeah, I’m sure nobody saw that coming from a mile away). Sigh, I had hoped against hope that they would let Daredevil take a darker turn, it looks like we might get a little of that, but far less than was promised in the last issue. [Marvel $2.99]

batman 693

Batman #693 – Worth a look. Is that Dick Grayson trading spit with the Huntress? Way to go Dickie-boy! Most of the issue deals with an attempt by the new Bats to uncover the separate plans of the Bruce Wayne Hush and Black Mask, but it’s the little moments which are the best such as the kiss above (followed by an appearance by Oracle), and the return of the Riddler as a villain. [DC $2.99]

dark xmen 1

Dark X-Men #1 – Worth a look. A look into Osborne’s newest dysfunctional team gives us this funny joke above as well as the surprising return of X-Man. Not great, but it has its moments. [Marvel $3.99]

secret six 15

Secret Six #15 – Must-read. My first thought was “A standalone Deadshot issue, that’s kinda cool.” Okay, to be honest, that was my second thought. My first thought was “When do we get a standalone Catman issue?” Anywho… A strong issue (written by Suicide Squad alum John Ostrander) which gives us a glimpse inside Floyd Lawton’s twisted mind as he comes to terms with himself, his past, and his urge to murder everyone in sight. [DC $2.99]

amazing spiderman 611

Amazing Spider-Man #611 – Pass. Oh my god, did that suck. Writer Joe Kelly gives us 20 pages of him wanking off in this Deadpool/Spidey tale (which includes “your momma” jokes, Lady Stilt Man, and notes by the editor which are not nearly as funny or clever as they should be). The last couple pages put the events in perspective, but they don’t salvage this waste of ink and paper. I understand the idea behind the issue with Deadpool forcing Spider-Man to act more juvenile in response to his craziness, but it doesn’t work for me at all. [Marvel $2.99]

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