Comic Rack – Cap, Bats, Spidey, & Butt Kickers

by alphamonkey on November 5, 2009 · 1 comment

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captain america reborn 4

Captain America: Reborn #4 (of 5) – Must-read. Steve Rogers returns, or does he? Teh ‘monkey’s liked this storyline more than I have. Although I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the Winter Soldier and Bucky-Cap story arcs, I felt the return of Steve Rogers aspect of the tale was floundering from the start. It’s nice to finally see what the Red Skull had planned all along. I still think, if this was the end result he was going for, it was a little to over-elaborate (and has taken way, way too long), but I’ll give Ed Brubaker credit for finding a way to pull the various strings of this convoluted plot together into a good read. [Marvel $3.99]

batman widening gyre 3

Batman: The Widening Gyre #3 (of 6) – Worth a look. Batman’s got a girlfriend, Batman’s got a girlfriend! And is that the Black Spider? Nice shoes. Kevin Smith‘s take on the Caped Crusader is turning out to be an okay read. And I’m enjoying the separate conversations with the both incredulous Robin and Aquaman over the very concept of Batman dating. Plus I’ll give Walt Flanagan credit for some nice action shots interspersed between Bruce’s moments with Silver in paradise. [DC $2.99]

amazing spiderman 610

Spider-Man #610 – Worth a look. “Who Was Ben Reilly?” The answer is obvious – he was Peter Parker. Good wrap-up of the current storyline here (and a nice turn at the end to stand-up for Ben Reilly). I’ll be happy if both Raptor and Kaine disappear again for a good long while (though I wouldn’t object to the return of a certain Scarlet Spider). [Marvel $2.99]

guardians of the galaxy 19

Guardians of the Galaxy Butt Kickers of the Fantastic #19 – Worth a look. The reasons behind death of Adam Warlock were a little hard to follow, but the event itself carried some punch. The Guardians survive (well, some of them do) their attempt to save the galaxy from the rupture in reality. The fall-out and restructure of the team in the coming issues should be interesting as well. Me? I’m hoping some version of a certain original team member makes the squad. [Marvel $2.99]

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  • Djinni

    Widening Gyre 3 is out? To the Comic Book Shop!

    In October I went to Seattle and saw Kevin Smith do his evening the him thing and he talked about it. It was pretty entertaining to hear him discuss writing it. Made me look forward to this latest one. Swimming? For fun? How novel!

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