Justice League International Vol. 3

by alphamonkey on November 24, 2009 · 0 comments

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jli volume 3The collections of Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis‘ run on Justice League continues here with the Volume 3 trade paperback (collecting issues #23-30 of the series).

Included here are an appearance by the Injustice League (boasting the “talents” of Cluemaster, Major Disaster, and Clock King), a recruitment drive and the creation of Justice League Europe, the Martian Manhunter trying his best not to let his team drive him mad, plenty of wisecracking, Blue Beetle attempting to kill Maxwell Lord (eh, he had it coming) and then getting put into a coma by Amanda Waller (seriously, taken down by a middle-aged overweight woman? for shame!), and a couple of appearances by the Huntress.

The highlight here is Guy Gardner taking the naive Ice out on their first date (to a, um, adult establishment) only to find themselves attacked by Black Hand (who has trouble, um, performing). Okay, so it’s not exactly highbrow, but at times it’s damn funny.

Eight issues for for $19.99 isn’t a bad price (okay, it’s not a great price, but it’s not bad). Although, other than Guy and Ice’s date, this volume doesn’t have many big moments such as “one punch” or Club JLI, there’s still plenty to enjoy.

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