Republicans can't do math*

by alphamonkey on November 24, 2009 · 4 comments

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republican mathA recent FOX NEWS poll asked Republicans who they would support in the 2012 Presidential Election. Out of the possible 100% here’s the breakdown of the results:

70% – Sarah Palin
63% – Mike Huckabee
60% – Mitt Romney

Watch the video here.

*I have to admit this does help illustrate how Republicans can dismiss a 70% approval for a Public Option as nothing more than a “fringe view.”

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  • Some Guy on the Innernets

    Gawd, this is funny! Reminds me of Rich Little’s first impressions of Reagan after he won in ’80. When asked how he was going to solve all the country’s problems, he replied, “Welll… I’m going to take half the budget and spend that on domestic programs and spend half on foreign programs, and the other half I’ll spend on the military.” Which of course is pretty much what the real Reagan did.

  • Wuppa

    If you ask 100 people if they would be willing to support Palin and 70 raised there hands, then you asked the same 100 people if they’d be willing to support Huckabee and 63 raised their hands, how would you present that in a pie chart?

    It’s not bad math, it’s just assuming that it’s a poll where the responders can only support one candidate, instead of a total support poll, where a person can respond that they’d be willing to support more than one individual depending on who the GOP fields for the election.

  • .alphamonkey.

    What’s even sadder is that the numbers are SUPPOSED to reflect individual favorability ratings, not overall support. And Oprah smoked them all.

  • MavMurdoc

    I’m with Wuppa. It’s not bad math, it just bad graphing. Don’t use a pie chart for this kinda survey, jackasses!

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