Sarah Palin Parking Lot

by alphamonkey on November 24, 2009 · 10 comments

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So you support Sarah Palin for President? Um, okay. Could you give a single reason why? No? Well, thanks for playing. Funny stuff, and I’m giving out some bonus points for its similarities in style to the 1986 heavy metal documentary Heavy Metal Parking Lot.

SARAH PALIN BOOK SIGNING – Interviews with Supporters

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  • Adam

    Pretty crazy to go on a website you visit a lot and see a video posted that one of your friends produced.
    Thanks for posting!

  • Jesse

    I can’t stand Sarah Palin. But I got a say that this seems a little unfair. Get a camera and microphone and stand outside any book signing that gets thousands of people showing up to the local Borders and I guarantee your going to have enough footage of idiots that you can make the author look bad.

    What is this supposed to be saying? These people are idiots, they like Sarah Palin, Q.E.D. Sarah Palin is an idiot?

    Don’t we already have more than enough footage of Palin, herself, to prove that she’s an idiot? Rather than simply poke fun of a bunch of nobodies that wouldn’t have been on camera if you weren’t there?

  • Cap’n Carrot

    I agree with one of your points. This made me think of Jay Leno’s old standby of asking people on the street various questions and making them look foolish.

    However, I don’t think the point of this is to show Sarah Palin as dumb but instead to show that those who so vehemently support her can’t articulate why they like her or think she would make a good President.

  • Jesse

    “those who so vehemently support her can’t articulate why they like her or think she would make a good President”

    My point is that the people who put this together most definitely edited the content to display the most stupid people that could be found on that day.

    Well, the law of averages (and the fact that there are studies everyday demonstrating how stupid the average American is) dictates that anybody with a camera at a booksigning at any Borders for any authors books can find enough stupid people to make it appear that the supporters of the author have no idea what is going on.

    Give me a camera and put me in an Obama rally and I can find enough idiots to make similar footage.

    Keep the criticism to the actual politicians and stop trying to pick on people that have never asked to be on tv. Palin provides us all with more than enough fodder anyway.

    BTW, I had to type out “chapell speakers” in order to post this. I find this funny for no particular reason.

  • .alphamonkey.

    I have to agree with Jesse a bit. Hell, even a “Sarah Jessica Parker Parking Lot” would be pretty effin’ innane and incomprehensible.

    Imagine a “Robert Pattinson” parking lot…

  • Jesse

    Exactly, alphamonkey. When I was in Houston in 94 and the rockets were in the NBA finals, a local news crew came to my work and interviewed the employees. I immediately became petrified and made a fool of myself in the interview. Thankfully, the goal of the story wasn’t to show how stupid rockets fans were-and the footage of
    me being a fool was never aired.

    Any normal Joe who doesn’t expect to have a camera placed in their face can come off as an idiot. Isn’t it just cruel that some people will gladly post the footage on YouTube in order to attack a politician?

  • Cap’n Carrot

    Jesse, I was following you until “Isn’t it just cruel that some people will gladly post the footage on YouTube in order to attack a politician?”

    That’s where I part from you, and the conclusion you are drawing here. There really is no attack on Palin here, at least not directly (except perhaps by the company she keeps – “if only idiots support her…”). Her supporters are the butt of the joke, (and it is meant as a joke), not her. To me at least, this is much more about people making political choices with less info and thought than what they’re having for lunch, more than an attack against Palin herself. And I think equating something like this to an attack ad is missing the point.

    And I would agree with you that any group could be made to look foolish on camera, except the Palin camp seems especially adept at it including celebs and campaign supporters on a wide variety of media who seem unable to be any more articulate than those seen here. What it boils down to is they like her, just like many Republicans liked George W. Bush because he was a guy they wanted to have a beer with (what a great criteria for voting for a President!). It didn’t matter to them whether he then (or she now) is qualified. She’s their “guy,” that’s all they know. And, sadly, all they seem to want to know.

  • Jesse

    Cap’n Carrot: I don’t think anyone could characterize this as anything other than an attack on a politician. If you agree with everything else I’ve just posted–especially the part about similar idiots at any gathering and the part about myself acting like an idiot when a camera was put in my face–then you must agree that this same stile of footage _could_ have been made of people waiting for the Dalai Lama or Bishop Desmond Tutu. But I don’t think anyone really believes that the creators of this footage (or anybody else for that matter) would even try to create similar footage for these venerated leaders. That’s because such footage would be deemed to be an attack on them.

    I mean, can you imagine anybody creating this type of tape during the book signing of someone they _liked_?

    I think your parenthetical statement: “except perhaps by the company she keeps – ‘if only idiots support her…'” is exactly what the creators were getting at. And that’s why it seems so cruel. They deliberately ridicule people who never asked for attention because it advances their agenda.

    Any politician is fair game. They thrust themselves into the spotlight. They expect to be on camera. They have to be prepared for any question that comes their way and, as leaders, it is their responsibility to deal with those who disagree with them in a responsible, measured way. But a group of poor shlubs who just showed up for a book signing?! All I can say is, I hope there isn’t a right-wing version of this guy at the Borders when I’m trying to get Al Gore to sign a book.

    P.S. “grandchildren oaken” is what I had to sign this time. I like it.

  • Cap’n Carrot

    Jesse, I think we’re splitting hairs here and I guess we will have to agree to disagree. My point is that is that something like this which has fun at the expense of a group of supporters (who either don’t know or can’t articulate why they like something) is a wholly different animal than a specific attack ad against a candidate run during campaign season.

    You’re also blaming the makers of this for making people look stupid. Really, did they make these people get on camera? Were the questions they posed to them so hard? Were they trick questions? Did they know the camera was on? Couldn’t they decline to speak on camera? Yes, being flustered can account for a large part of this but so can being ill-informed and greedy for your time on camera and five-seconds of fame.

  • Jesse

    Cap’n Carrot:

    We probably will have to agree to disagree. However, I agree with you that many of the people in front of that camera probably have only themselves to blame for making themselves look like idiots. But its the creators of the video that posted it to YouTube. Just like the jokers who make asses of themselves on American Idol only have themselves to blame for looking like idiots, but the network is the one that is making money off of them.

    There are billions of billions of people in the world. The mathematical fact is that you could record so much footage of idiots that we could all just hook ourselves up to feeding tubes, colostomy bags and catheters and spend every waking moment watching it. But what good does it do?

    Why would I be interested in knowing the political leanings of idiots? What would it matter if these idiots liked Sarah Palin or Lyndon LaRouche or Michael Moore? What am I doing besides being jaded and cynical if I derive enjoyment from other people making fools of themselves? And what does it say that someone is so mean-hearted that, when armed with camera footage of people being foolish, they post it on the internet?

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