December 2009

best of the year list 20092009 was a bit of a down year at the movies, but there was plenty to see if you knew where to look. When thinking back over the course of a year you always search for patterns. This was a year for films about soldiers (four made my list), high quality animation (the top two found their way here, but there were other contenders), and the strongest year for science fiction in recent memory (including three who earned spots). Throw into that mix my favorite drama of the year, and a spot-on teenage coming of age comedy, and maybe 2009 wasn’t such a bad year after all.

I tried my best to see everything but a few slipped by me including Broken Embraces, Red Cliff, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, and A Single Man. And I’ll take a moment to give a shout out to a pair of films just missing the cut in Sin Nombre the Coen Bros. A Serious Man.

But enough about what didn’t earn a spot. Let’s get on to the list…

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michaelbay_500bigAnother year, another list. After hours of cramming movies, I’ve come to what I think to be a list of ten great movies. I haven’t been able to see everything I oughta have before making this list, like Broken Embraces, Doctor Parnassus, A Single Man or the White Ribbon. And I’d like to cheat and mention three more films – (500) Days of Summer, The Box and Tokyo Sonata – as my almost-made-it-picks. They’re not far from the top ten, and on another day they just might make it. I also need to clarify that the picture to your right is most definitely intended to be sarcasm.

But with all that aside, let’s begin.

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When I finally made it to see Avatar in IMAX I was blown away before the film ever started. Although this isn’t the same trailer shown, you can catch glimpses of how cool IMAX: Hubble 3D, featuring IMAX footage shot during the last mission to the Hubble Telescope, could be. Here’s an early entrant to most anticipated movie of 2010.

IMAX: Hubble 3D


There are no Basterds here, but you do get a nice mashup of all things Tarantino from Reservoir Dogs to Death Proof.

The Tarantino Mixtape


You remember the Nebulon-B Class Medical Frigate from the end of The Empire Strikes Back? Of course you do, who doesn’t. Well this enterprising individual created his own version out of LEGOs. And it even includes a small Millennium Falcon.

nebulon b lego

More pics here.


Pretty slow week comicswise, but here’s the latest of DC’s big Winter event plus a few tidbits we’ve missed the past couple of weeks…

blackest night 6

Blackest Night #6 (of 8) – Meh. I will give Geoff Johns credit for finding opportunities to make Barry Allen cool. Now I love the character to no end, but he’s never really been cool. Cool costume, yes. Barry himself, not so much. More of the rainbow corps (which grows significantly in the final pages here) vs. zombies, but nothing you’ll miss by giving this one a pass. [DC $3.99]

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The Unusual Architecture of Dubai

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anaraHaving some relatives who spent the last few years working there I’ve heard plenty of stories about Dubai. Due to its immense wealth, temperate weather, and the low cost of construction, buildings which might take years in the States go up seemingly overnight.

And, oh, the buildings (they seriously considered building a hotel which would float on top of large helium-filled balloons). The guys at Abduzeedo have a nice little look at some of the architecture of the city.

Take a look.

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There are a couple of really good reasons we’re sharing British indie rock band Kasabian‘s video for “Vlad the Impaler.”

1. It’s a freakin’ music video about Dracula impaling his victims!

and 2. It stars The Mighty Boosh‘s Noel Fielding.

Kasabian – Vlad the Impaler


The dark side of Ronald McDonald.

ronald mcdonald slapdown

Here’s a lesson this kid should have learned long ago: Whatever you do, don’t ever antagonize a clown. The results aren’t pretty.

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slauerhoffbrugMeet “Slauerhoffbrug.” This bridge (which can be found in the city of Leeuwarden of the Netherlands) is lifted off the road by a giant robotic arm.

Yes, it’s real.

Go ahead, take a moment.

[I know, right?]


Okay, we will gladly admit it’s pretty freakin’ sweet… at least until the day Skynet takes over and goes all smashy smashy on oncoming traffic.

Check out more pics, including overhead shots of the bridge in motion, here.