Comic Rack – Blackest Night, Reborn, Willow, & Daredevil

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Pretty slow week comicswise, but here’s the latest of DC’s big Winter event plus a few tidbits we’ve missed the past couple of weeks…

blackest night 6

Blackest Night #6 (of 8) – Meh. I will give Geoff Johns credit for finding opportunities to make Barry Allen cool. Now I love the character to no end, but he’s never really been cool. Cool costume, yes. Barry himself, not so much. More of the rainbow corps (which grows significantly in the final pages here) vs. zombies, but nothing you’ll miss by giving this one a pass. [DC $3.99]

btvs season 8 willow

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight: Willow – Worth a look. This one-shot gets us caught up (at least a little) on Willow‘s adventures from the destruction of Sunnydale to the current Season Eight storyline. Joss Whedon takes Willow down the rabbit hole for some remedial magic training, a snake lady, a black knight, and… Tara. The story is far from complete, but it’s worth a look, and fans will no doubt want to enjoy Tara’s first appearance in Season Eight. [Dark Horse $3.50]

Cap Reborn 5

Captain America Reborn #5 (of 6) – Meh. I’m not sure how an issue can feel rushed and like filler both at the same time, but Ed Brubaker sure found a way. We get Bucky Cap versus Red Skull Cap and Steve Rogers breaking through the Skull’s mental barriers (i.e. the lone defense his entire plan depends on) in like three panels. Just give us Cap back and mercifully end this series so we can get back to some good stories again. Please. (Especially since the rest of the Marvel Universe already has…) [Marvel $3.99]

daredevil 503

Daredevil #503 – Hit and Miss. There are some nice moments here as the Kingpin wonders about Norman Osborne and puts a new plan in action as the Hand itself finds a new purpose under Daredevil. But this comic is still hedging bets on how far he will go with an entire army of assassins under his command. Just grow a pair, make a decision on who you want Matt Murdock to be, and stick with it! [Marvel $2.99]

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