Comic Rack – Daken, Batgirl, Nation X, & Wolf-Man

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dark wolverine 81

Dark Wolverine #81 – Worth a look. My favorite character in Dark Reign has consistently been the new Ms. Marvel, and so the fact that this is really more of a Ms. Marvel story than a Daken one works well for me. I like the idea of Karla attempting to figure out the puzzle that is Daken, and having Daken do the only thing he knows to do – fuck with people. [Marvel $3.99]

batgirl 5

Batgirl #5 – Hit and Miss. It seems the new Batman and Robin are even less thrilled about the choice of a new Batgirl than me (and that’s saying something). There are a couple of nice moments here between Stephanie and Damian, as well as Dick and Barbara going at it over Batgirl’s role in Gotham, but rest of the issue isn’t much to write home about. [DC $2.99]

nation x 1

Nation X #1 – Worth a look. Okay, I’ll admit it, I’m really only including this one for this specific conversation between Nightcrawler and Wolverine. This issue is broken up into short stories including Magneto trekking through the bowels of Utopia with some youngsters, Iceman driving Namor nuts and trying to help a scared girl, and Colossus working a project. It’s better in pieces than taken as a whole, but it’s still worth a quick look. [Marvel $3.99]

astounding wolfman 20

Astounding Wolf-Man #20 – Hit and Miss. The vampire who killed his wife and turned his daughter is behind bars, he’s gone on national television to clear his name, and now Wolf-Man is back fighting crime, now with the help of daddy’s little vampire girl. It’s certainly not the strongest issue of the series, and a bit too much filler and tying up loose ends for my taste, but if we’ve learned anything from this title we can bet Gary’s moment of happiness won’t last very long. [Image $2.99]

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