Comic Rack – Secret Six, Spidey, The Sword, & Booster Gold

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secret six 16

Secret Six #16 – Worth a look. Writer Gail Simone digs back into her Birds of Prey days and brings a possible new member to the team – Black Alice. Throw in a trip to Scandal Savage’s girlfriend’s strip club and an opening about torturing a child molesting serial killer to death and you got fun for the whole family. Although I wouldn’t have thought to bring her into this title, I am a bit intrigued by the addition of Black Alice and interested to see where things go from here. [DC $2.99]

Amazing Spiderman 614

Amazing Spider-Man #614 – Meh. Okay, I like Electro, or at least I did before he became the sad sack he is, but drawing out this man-of-the-people storyline into three issues was waaaay too much. Still, this issue does give us an important event in the life of Peter Parker – the fall of The Daily Bugle. For that, and not much else, you might, might, want to take a quick look. [Marvel $2.99]

the sword 20

The Sword #20 – Worth a look. If you’re not reading this title you’ve been missing out. The only reason this issue gets a bit of a downgrade is because it’s a transitionary story to set up the upcoming final arc. Daria loses a friend, and her every action sets up Malia as a hero in the eyes of the public. I’ve throughly enjoyed this series and can’t wait to see what kind of bloody end the Luna Brothers have in store for all involved. [Image $2.99]

booster gold 27

Booster Gold #27 – For fans. Evil zombie Black Lantern Ted Kord vs. Booster and the current Blue Beetle. Other than a couple of nice moments (like the above panel) fans of the old Justice League can appreciate, there’s not a lot here. [DC $3.99]

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