Top 10 Tuesday – Best Movies of 2009

by Eric Melin on December 22, 2009

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Where the Wild Things Are 2009Well, it’s the end of another movie year. Looking back, I think that this year will be remembered as the year that in-theater experiences like IMAX and 3D finally got that mainstream acceptance Hollywood has been waiting so long for. Hopefully, filmmakers will continue to use 3D to enhance storytelling like “Coraline,” and not just use it as a gimmick.

That said, the movies that made my best of 2009 list this year that were released in 3D or IMAX (#8 and #1) work just as well without them.

So, here it is: My list of the best movies of 2009. In retrospect, it was a lot better year than I had first thought before looking back to compile this list.

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