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dark wolverine 82

Dark Wolverine #82 – Worth a look. Daken has finally gotten tired of playing the good soldier and now, at the worst possible moment for Norman Osborne, things are now getting interesting. Nice back-and-forth with Bullseye, but it’s the final few panels that you’ll be talking about. [Marvel $2.99]

Blackest Night Flash 2

Blackest Night – Flash #2 (of 3) – Pass. If I would pick one word so far for the return of Barry Allen it would be underwhelming. As for this issue, the Flash looks okay in blue, other than that… yeah, not much to talk about. Another yawner of a Blackest Night tie-in. [DC $2.99]

dark avengers 13

Dark Avengers #13 – Hit-and-Miss. The true origin of the Sentry is rehashed from the point of view of Bob’s wife which works well. On the other hand… the Void is still inside the Sentry? Um, then what did Emma Frost pull out of him? Okay, I guess it’s back (guess I missed the memo). And it’s not just the dark side of his personality but some kind of biblical plague from 1600 BC? Anyone else confused? [Marvel $3.99]

Green Lantern Corps 44

Green Lantern Corps #44 – Hit-and-Miss. Okay, this comic has Guy Gardner as a Red Lantern and Mogo taking matters into his own hands (well, planet’s don’t exactly have hands, but you know what I mean), and it’s still just a so-so story (with way too much Kyle Rayner for my taste). That tells you quite a bit about Blackest Night, doesn’t it? [DC $2.99]

buffy season eight 31

Buffy Season Eight #31 – Worth a look. The best part of this issue is Buffy and Xander’s long overdue heart to heart and the following awkward conversation with Dawn. Then the slayer of slayers takes to the sky… Um, Buffy can fly? Huh. Who knew? More questions than answers here as we move towards the season’s final arc, but it’s worth a look, ‘specially if you pick up the pretty sweet variant cover. [Dark Horse $2.99]

punishermax 3

PunisherMAX #3 – Must-read. The comic you should be reading. And this from the guy who’s not a big fan of the Punisher, so you know it must be pretty damn good. The birth of the Kingpin storyline continues to impress with the first meeting between Fisk and Castle. [Marvel $3.99]

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