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by alphamonkey on January 28, 2010 · 1 comment

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green lantern 50

Green Lantern #50 – Hit-and-Miss. The return of Parallax. Well, I never said Hal Jordan was the smartest guy in the room. Brave, yes, but he has made more than his share of questionable decisions over the years. His latest – to beome Parallax again to take down the Blackest Night Spectre. Yeah, this should end well. I understand the Corps themselves is in for quite a few changes after Blackest Night ends. I’m not sure how I feel about this turn for the character (though I’m guessing it will be short-lived) so I’ll hold off judgment at least until the end of this story arc. [DC $3.99]

Siege Storming Asgard

Siege – Storming Asgard: Heroes and Villains – Hit-and-Miss. The Good – If you need a primer to help get you into Marvel’s latest big event, Siege, this one might be picking up, especially if you’re not all that familiar with Asgard and its characters. The Bad – It’s horrifically overpriced for what boils down to a below average Who’s Who issue. [Marvel $3.99]

billy bastson shazam 12

Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam #12 – For fans. Captain Marvel battles an evil doppelganger from his subconcious. Nothing great here, but I will give it some points for it’s nod to the Phantom Zone widow used in the Christopher Reeve Superman films. [DC $2.50]

Incredible Hulk 606

Incredible Hulk #606 – Betty Ross shows up and Bruce Banner out-thinks Doctor Doom (but not Skaar. who is slowly starting to grow on me as a character). But the real news isn’t the main story, but the surprising outcome of the battle between She-Hulk and Red She-Hulk in the B-story. [Marvel $3.99]

Brave and the Bold 31

The Brave and the Bold #31 – Hit-and-Miss. What makes a hero, and do you save everyone, even someone like the Joker? The Atom finds himself called upon to save the Joker from a rare degenerative neurological condition. Clever idea, so-so execution. [DC $2.99]

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  • Amanda

    That window thingy from Superman really freaked me out as a kid and it was cool that they used it Smallivlle too.

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