Comic Rack – Secret Six, Booster, X-Men, Deadpool, & more

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Suicide Squad 67

Suicide Squad #67 – Must-read. The Squad vs. The Six. ’nuff said. [DC $2.99]

dark xmen 3

Dark X-Men 3 – Worth a look. X-Man takes on Norman Osborne’s Avengers and his X-Men and still finds a way to come out on top. Interesting little twist thrown in at the end, and I’ll admit I’m curious to see how this might play into the larger Osborne story arc. [Marvel $3.99]

booster gold 28

Booster Gold #28 – For fans. Cyborg Superman, the destruction of Coast City, and Booster Gold. Nothing great here, but this issue does kick off a new storyline which is reincorporating Michelle Carter back into the main storyline. Might be a good one, but it’s still a little early to tell. [DC $3.99]

deadpool teamup 897

Deadpool Team-Up #897 – Worth a look. In the latest team-up Deadpool gets to shoot a horde of zombies with a water cannon (leading him to ask the age old question WWBCD?), and stops to make fun of the Ghost Riders (nice touch). Throw in an exorcism and a bearded lady and you’ve got the makings of a darn good time. [Marvel $2.99]

batgirl 6

Batgirl #6 – For fans. And that’s how the Bat-family does Good Cop / Bad Cop. I have to say the character I’m most enjoying in this comic is Damian who’s stealing most of the best scenes (and lines) in issue after issue. I also like Oracle’s thoughts on Dick as the new Batman and how their relationship is evolving once again over the course of this story arc. [DC $2.99]

Blackest Night - Wonder Woman 2

Blackest Night – Wonder Woman #2 (of 3) – Hit-and-Miss. Wonder Girl gets her heart ripped out her chest (and this is bad, how?), Diana almost kill’s Aquaman’s wife (meh), she kisses Bruce Wayne (who knew Wonder Woman was a necrophiliac?), and then Aphrodite shows up to tell us none of it even happened (dumb). And then Diana gets a pretty pink ring and a new costume… Like most of Blackest Night this one has some moments but overall doesn’t quite get the job done. [DC $2.99]

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