First Aid Kit – Our Own Pretty Ways

by alphamonkey on February 28, 2010 · 5 comments

in Music Videos

You know, I really struggled with what would be the very first ‘official’ post of this newly revamped dadsbigplan, and finally I realized I should approach this with the absolute same degree of ceremony that was afforded the very last post on Transbuddha. Namely, none at all. If you’re here on purpose, then you probably know the drill. We find something cool, write something pithy, and then pass it along to you, our dear anonymous internet pals. Why change a good thing?

So to start us off, here’s a clip of First Aid Kit performing ‘Our Own Pretty Ways’ off their debut album, “The Big Black & The Blue”.

First Aid Kit came to our attention back in 2008 with their far-too-charming cover of Fleet Foxes’ “Mountain Peasant Song”, but thanks to Andrew for giving us the heads-up on their new album. Bonus!

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  • Matthew

    Oh hells yes. Thank god you’re back posting stuff, I was starting to get the jitters without my morning ‘buddha.

    • .alphamonkey.

      Well, it’s good to be back. I wish I had a less boring reason for the delay than the oh-so-cliched ‘work’, but there you have it. We’ll get this beast lumbering along quickly enough.

      Our next step is importing the considerable Transbuddha archives, and deciding which hosted clips to keep.

  • jester1345

    this feels weird dadsbigplan i mean wow is brings me back

  • John Waters

    Welcome back to the internet table. We saved you a seat between asian tentacle porn and some rabid lolcats.

    • .alphamonkey.

      That would explain the mess on the chair… *sigh*

      Thank you, and it’s good to be back.

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