Breaking News*

by alphamonkey on March 15, 2010 · 3 comments

in General Tomfoolery

*that should be shocking to absolutely no one:

Denizens of the Techset Blogger Lounge @ SXSW are incredibly likely to assume that you give a fuck about what they’re talking about, or that your head-down typing means what you’d really, really, REALLY like is to hear about their day, what job interviews they’re having while here, or how drunk they got at last nights Pogs 2.0 open bar shot-a-thon.

Overheard gem of the moment: “Next year, I hope mommy bloggers will take over SXSW.” And they weren’t kidding. :(

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  • Andrew DeGolyer

    Can I “LIKE” this?

    Mommy blogs rock mega!

    • .alphamonkey.

      This place is, in many respects, a monumental gathering of really intelligent people who’ve decided to collectively just maybe, you know bake a cake or something. Or not. What do you think?

      • Andrew DeGolyer

        I could go for a cake. Or maybe pie. It was pie day yesterday. On second though, nah. But we should sit around and discuss the pros and cons of both pie and cake, and maybe have a panel discussion on why we should take the time to build one or the other.

        Pro # 1: Delicious.

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