Mercedes-Benz finally makes a car I would drive

by alphamonkey on March 4, 2010 · 1 comment

in Nerdgasms

This little baby is the F-CELL Roadster which was designed by 150 trainees and students at the Mercedes-Benz plant. The car combines classic style with new technology including “carbon-fiber bucket seats with hand-stitched leather covers and the distinctively styled fiberglass front section, based on the component from the Formula One racing bolides.”

No trips to the gas station here as the car is powered by an emission-free fuel cell. And, get this, you don’t need a steering wheel for the Roadster. Oh no, you drive this car with a joystick. A freakin’ joystick!

[via conceptcarz]

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  • ShadowStalker

    The joystick is historically more accurate. The first cars were driven with a long handle that directly attached to the control arm on the front wheels, essentially like a joystick.

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