Overlooked Movie Monday: Pontypool

by Eric Melin on March 29, 2010 · 1 comment

in Film

pontypool poster 2009In what is quickly becoming one of our most popular regular columns here at Scene-Stealers, we take a look each week at a movie that never quite got the attention it deserved. The horror genre is one that routinely gets beat up by some film critics–so much so that the studios rarely show us preview screenings of most of them (This year’s “The Crazies” being a rare exception.)

If they’re not screening the studio horror flicks, this can make it even more difficult for the horror flicks that don’t come out of the big studio funnel to get seen by anybody, except at genre-specific film festivals. A lot of the time, though, it’s the fringe horror movies that work the best.

Today, contributor Abby Olcese looks at one such film–Bruce McDonald’s overlooked zombie flick “Pontypool,” out on DVD now. Check it here.

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  • Warren G

    Love this column! I already bought ‘The Ninth Configuration’. I hope I can afford to keep reading this…

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