Scenes from Fort Awesome

by alphamonkey on March 31, 2010 · 0 comments

in General Tomfoolery

Ext. – Dusk. The ‘monkey family is lounging on the deck. alpha & k sip margaritas*, while the Terror Twins play with matchbox cars on their town mat. Suddenly Zoe starts spinning around on the mat:

The Best of The Electric Slide - 45 minutes of blissful silence...alpha: Hey, Zoe…are you going to breakdance?
Zoe: Yes!
alpha: Can you do a windmill?
Zoe: No!
alpha: Can you do the Worm?
Zoe: No!
alpha: Can you at least do the Electric Slide?
Zoe: Yes!
alpha: Well then what are you waiting for? Show me!

Zoe gets up, spins around on the mat, and then plops down on her butt, scooting forward before yelling “SLIDE!” as she flops her legs outward.

alpha: I’m pretty sure the Electric Slide doesn’t end with you on the ground with your legs spread.
K: Not since 1976, at least….

*Well, I had a margarita. K was enjoying a grapefruit/tequila concoction she dubbed the “Pink Pussy Sunset”. Alcohol is serious bizniz at Fort Awesome.

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