Insomniac Movie Theater: Battlefield Earth

by Eric Melin on May 20, 2010 · 0 comments

in Film

battlefield earth 2000Our newest column here at Scene-Stealers is called Insomniac Movie Theater.

Late at night, when the mind isn’t functioning at all of its highest levels, sometimes you need junk food. You crave it. Movie junk food, that is. Insomniac Movie Theater is where contributor Trevan McGee subjects himself to some of the worst, campiest and outright terrible movies the world has to offer … and the occasional cult classic.

The inaugural Insomnia Movie Theater deserves a truly infamous movie–one that’s so transcendentally awful that it actually becomes entertaining. It single-handedly killed the career of Barry Pepper and relegated John Travolta to the occasional supporting role and/or object of self-parody.

That’s right rat-brains, it’s the multi-Razzie-award-winning trainwreck, “Battlefield Earth.”

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