The Great Songs: Deuce

by Eric Melin on May 27, 2010 · 0 comments

in Music

kiss alive! album cover 1975I started The Great Songs series 10 weeks ago to document what I consider to be classic tunes. Classic rock radio has its own idea of what is considered a classic (and it continues to rewrite history as tastes change), but the continued segmenting of music has allowed in a wider variety of rock n’ roll to be considered “classic” in all kinds of spin-off genres.

This week I pick another non-traditional Great Song. It’s from a band everyone’s heard of, but it isn’t the song or songs that get played on the radio. I’m talking about the blistering live version of “Deuce” written by Gene Simmons and performed by KISS in 1975.

We’re told that songs have to contain lyrical or melodic genius to be considered classic, but one listen to this raw rock tune with semi-incomprehensible lyrics, and you may change your mind. It’s pure energy, man.

Read about it and take a listen, it may just change your perspective of the band altogether.

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