Sneak Peek – The Goon

by Cap'n Carrot on July 21, 2010 · 5 comments

in Audio Visual,Film

Here’a a short sneak peek for the upcoming animated feature The Goon. Based on the comic of the same name the film is produced by David Fincher and written by Eric Powell, with the voice talents of Paul Giamatti and Clancy Brown.

The Goon sneak peek

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  • G.L.

    I’m glad they paid attention to fans and left Giamatti as Franky. Whoo Hoo! It’s a relief to get a break from all those cliche comicbook movies going around these days!

    • Cap’n Carrot

      I haven’t really read much of The Goon, but to my untrained eye it seems like they’ve gotten the look right.

  • G.L.

    I was just telling my girl that. Cap do yourself a huge favor pick up “Rough Stuff” “Nothin’ But Misery” and “My Murderous Childhood” all 3 graphic novels cost about $10. Well F*ng worth it.

    • alphamonkey

      You think they’ll include Satan’s Sodomy Baby as part of the film?

  • G.L.

    Not sure. I think they would because Pig Vomit and The Kurgen are in it. I hope the Buzzard is in it though. I likes my necrocanibalism! Anobody got any hot sauce?

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