The History of Nikola Tesla

by Cap'n Carrot on July 20, 2010 · 3 comments

in Audio Visual,Sci/Tech,Short Film

If your response to the name Nikola Tesla is “wait…is that the guy David Bowie played in The Prestige?”, we can’t help you. You need to go back to your high school and get your money back. (The answer is yes, by the way.) However, if you simply want to know a little more about the inventor’s history presented in a short animated film, here you go.

The History of Nikola Tesla – a Short Story

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  • G.L.

    WOW I learned something cool today! Thanks man.

    • Cap’n Carrot

      What? You didn’t know David Bowie played him in The Prestige? Geesh!

      • G.L.

        LOL no not the David Bowie part. The fact that Tesla was a cool ass hard working MF and Edison was a jerk. You know like most immigrants chasing the American dream he comes over, works hard, does his best, gets promised a bunch of money for his ideas. Gets jacked for them and never gets the recognition he deserves.

        BTW I didn’t know you could get electricity from rubbing 2 cats together. I always thought they were just for juggling. Technology RULES!

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