lintly, make sure to leave your iPhone before you rob that liquor store

by Cap'n Carrot on August 16, 2010 · 8 comments

in In the News,News,Sci-Tech

Turns out the iPhone is storing a hellova lot more information than you thought including snapping a screenshot every time you close out of the built-in mapping application, and tagging GPS, time, and phone info on pics taken online, allowing someone to trace a photo back to the spot where a pic was taken and the phone which took it. The good news: the police are using the data to help solve a variety of crimes. The bad news: you’re personal phone is a lot less private than you thought.

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  • lintly

    CapnCarrot, don’t steal my iPhone and go to “those” clubs you enjoy so. Now, if you go to the good strip clubs (one where women get naked), I will join you!

    • Cap’n Carrot

      My Condorman fan club may not be your cup o’ tea, but we know how to bring the awesome.

      • alphamonkey

        You’ve now coined a fetish that even Furries can look down on. Congrats!

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  • G.L.

    This is yet another example of why Steve Jobs is a complete left handed dick. Along with his previous world wide dick move the invention of the mouse. Yes by the invention of such devise he forced an entire generation of men to whack with their lefts.
    It’s amazing that an iphone can do all that stuff and still drop a call in a wide open space.

    • alphamonkey

      It’s all about priorities.

    • ShadowStalker

      Steve Jobs didn’t invent the mouse. It was reinvented a few times before Xerox PARC paired it with a windowed GUI, which Apple, and later Microsoft, stole.

      • G.L.

        It still sucks navigating with it when you’re trying to get your pervswerv on.

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